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Thursday, 17 January 2013

What Do You Get When You Cross Two Bored Sisters?

Hey guys! So, it's currently 45.8 degrees celsius here in Sydney and I'm pretty sure the minute I step outside I'll turn into the gingerbread man; crisp and burnt in the oven which is outdoors. So, for the mean time I'll be staying in the comfort of an air conditioned room with my mango frozen yoghurt!

With that being said, my seventeen year old sister Corina and I decided to experiment. It was her idea actually and she suggested we try something to my hair! At first I was a bit cautious, I don't usually trust anyone with my hair; sometimes I don't even trust my hair dresser, but I gave it a whirl. She had an idea to play with some 'hair chalk'! Hair chalk is basically chalk you put in your hair, straightforward isn't it?! Well yeah, considering my hair is already of the belayage/ombre style we thought we might play around with some red chalk and rub it into the tips. 

Corina used a glove because let's face it, no one wants red hands for the rest of the day and began to blend some red chalk into my damp hair. I guess one of the beneficial things about using hair chalk is that it's not permanent and would wash off the next time you wash your hair. Just be careful of your ends of course!

We've always wanted to dye our hair a crazy colour, but our parents never approved of it. Even now, my mum secretly wishes I get rid of my ombre hair! Like, no mum. So this was Corina's idea of an escape which I thought is really clever! You can mix it up if you please, change it up strand by strand! If you've always wanted a dip dye look, quick and easy you could always give it a go. However it's important to note you need to separate your hair into sections so it's easier for the pigments to seep through, and try and wear darker colours! Don't wear white!

What do you guys think? I'm actually tempted to dye my tips red now! Have you guys ever tried hair chalk?


  1. That looks so amazing!! Do you have purple hair already? I had ombre hair before but my tips got so dried out and deaddd xxx

  2. Hey Sam! Lol no I don't have purple hair! But imagine that! hahaha. My hair just looks purple here, it's weird cause my hair is just dark brown then fades to blonde! But yes! SAME! I just cut off like 20cm from my hair because it was so dry! It just gets so frustrating! x

  3. I am loving your ombre! Thanks for dropping by my blog. :)
    Keep on posting, Nikki!


  4. it looks so pretty, really suits you!

  5. hair chalk sounds like so much fun but does it not rub off on all your clothing? the box looks a lot like chalk pastels haha.
    xx rae

    1. yes! That's one of the negatives about hair chalk, it rubs off. WAH!

  6. Wow never heard oh hair chalk before,


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