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Saturday, 12 January 2013

New Year: To Do List

This year, I will continue the tradition I started for 2012 and create a "New Year To Do List". It's a list of things, slightly more realistic, that I am to attempt to achieve by the end of the year. It worked well for me last year; I was able to score an internship as planned at Diva, I was able to quit my dreaded job I've had since high school, I was able to meet my favourite singers in person.

This year, will be no different, if not: better.

Get your provisional license.
I've been on my learners for far too long it's time I seal the deal with the RTA themselves and land me my own sense of freedom. I've already started off the year by getting some hours done every day, so hopefully I'll be able to land my P's before the year ends. Let's just keep it constant, I am in need of more road trips!

Save a shit load of money.
Imagine you were to live in another country for a whole year; yep. That's how much I need to save. Or maybe save up enough to finally get a new car, given I complete ^ first. With my mum working as a bank manager usually I have her handling my finances - but this time I need to prove to her that I actually can save up to potentially live on my own.

Go overseas.
I'm already booked to go overseas to the United States in February, however other than that trip I'd like to go overseas again. I'm 20 now, I should really see what's out there before I commit myself to a full time job where holidays are fairly limited. Ah. Europe anyone?

Get fit.
I feel like everyones' perception of the word fit is being able to wear shorts and a crop top showing off your tiny waistline and your thigh gap. Well, I won't lie, that was what I've always wanted but now I just want to have a toned body - and I guess that won't happen if I eat the things I eat now. Wah.

Continue getting a PR/Advertising/Journalist/Marketing gig.
I was able to score an amazing role as an intern at Diva (a popular Australian chain store for jewellery) working on their marketing and online content. Hopefully this year I have even more luck so I set myself up for what's to come next year.

Meet One Direction/ Get a follow.
This is so lame, but it's not coming off the list. Last year I was able to meet and hang out with Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan from One Direction when they were in Sydney at the Ivy Pool Bar - it was definitely one of my favourite memories. This year, I have to meet them again, I'd cry if I didn't, and I need to get a twitter follow. This is how lame my life is ok.

Score a distinction average.
If I rock my subjects this semester, hopefully I'd be able to apply for a student exchange I've always wanted to do. I'd be able to study in England and gain some experience there whilst also achieving my idea of going overseas! 

This year seems too jam packed now that I think of it, I have a lot to work on. I wonder if I'd be able to fit 'Finding a boyfriend' in there too, or maybe I'd be one of those characters in movies who are just so career focused they wind up single until they're 30. Oh.

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