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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A Beguiled Love Affair

Beguiled lips and an awkward hand
Do you ever get those days once you finish a super long shift at work where all you want to do is blow all your hard earned money away on things you clearly don't even need? Yes? Good. At least I'm not alone!

After work today I thought I'd go and treat myself to a pinch of pampering and buy myself some new make up supplies. It may seem silly of me to do so considering I'll be flying off with my family to the United States in eight days, but I honestly had a bone that I needed to scratch. 

Working at Forever New has only increased my need to shop; every time we get a new collection I scan each piece - analyse how they sit when customers try them on and make up my mind by the end of the shift. It's as simple and as deadly as that. 

Today however, I refrained and simply bought a make up brush set- completely silly since I already own my own set of brushes, but this came in a really cool snake skin 'wallet inspired' clutch and I honestly had to have it. I'm actually also really excited to give it a go; it may not be professional make up artist standard, but it'll do for back ups!

Work, you're doing it right.
But onto much worrying tales. After I finished my little splurge at work, I went to Topshop and thought I might treat myself even more with a lipstick that I already have. I'm sure you can't blame me for my love affair with Topshop lipstick. The pigmentation of Topshop lipstick is perfect for me and adds great matte and a tinge of gloss coverage. 

Beguiled by Topshop $15 - come back to me.
Beguiled. That was his name. It rolled of the tongue perfectly and left my lips tinted in a perfect shade of wine. I scanned the shelves, squeezed myself through teenage girls who should have been at school, only to find it not there.

 Devastated. Shattered. Confused.

I shamelessly went online and searched up the beguiled shade on their website; it wasn't there either. I don't mean to overreact but I felt like my heart had been pulled out and thrown to the floor. I honestly don't know, Topshop Topman in Sydney - you broke my heart and I hope you have a way to mend it.

So my question is (out of desperation and curiosity); does your Topshop sell the lipstick in the shade 'Beguiled'? Have you ever had a love affair with an item they've taken off for the season? 
Perhaps it'll be in stores when I go to America and I'm just being a crazy kid..


  1. Gracias por visitar mi blog. Julieta

  2. Love the lipstick! Lovely :) x

  3. Oh my gid, your hair is just amazing

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)



  4. aww you are so pretty! love the hair! I'm a new follower :)

    1. thank you ester :) lolol, and i've followed back! :) x

  5. That lipstick looks so gorgeous!
    I've followed you, your blog is so pretty :)


  6. You are gorgeous and I love your blog, definetely following)This lipstick looks aaamazing)

    1. hey sasha! thank you so much :) it's definitely my fave shade! hahaha. I've just followed your blog! X


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