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Monday, 13 October 2014


Hi Everyone! I need your help!
I'm in my final semester at university and I have one more assignment to go. We have to make a blog and we basically are graded on 'engagement' - I know, it's a bit weird. With that being said, I would really appreciate it if you guys took at peek at my blog for my assignment.

The page is entitled Don't Stress to Impress and works to combat the stress that uni students and graduates experience as they enter the 'real world'. This includes looking for jobs, the question of what to do when the degree isn't right for you, lifestyle and relationship advice.

Perhaps leave a comment of what you think, how I could improve the posts, or if you ever had any experience with the topics so far. I've only done like 5 out of 12 posts so it's an ongoing process and I would SOOO appreciate it!

Don't think this won't go unnoticed. I'll reciprocate the favour!


Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Feeling Trippy, Purple Lippy!

Do you ever have those spur of the moment thoughts about doing something you're completely unfamiliar with? But just want to do it, so you can say you did it? Well, I do. In fact, I have them quite often but I never find myself acting on it. Just like how I keep telling myself I'd live overseas for a year; it's pretty on paper, but, I could never do it, not now anyway. Baby steps Niki, baby steps. And so, with that being said I made my first risqué decision in a long time. I bought dark purple lipstick.

I was walking around Myer one day and as I passed the MAC booth, there they were; dark purple shades staring at me. I couldn't help but wonder whether I could ever pull it off? You rarely see people in Australia (not too sure about the UK or US) wear dark purple lipstick on a casual day, or even on a night out. It's always the classic red or pink which I wouldn't argue with. And, it's always those really gutsy girls who can really pull it off. Curiosity basically won me over which eventually made be make two surprisingly affordable purchases at Priceline.

Rimmel London UK in shades 04 & 128

So, behold the two latest additions to my ever growing lipstick collection. The two were a 'congratulations on making it to work early enough for a stroll' present for myself. The dark purple shade I purchased for only $5.95 is a part of Rimmel's Kate Moss collection as shade 04. The deep red is also Rimmel called 'Starry-Eyed' in shade 128 for only $4.95!

I didn't want to be overly impulsive and resort to MAC for these shades for $35, when I've never owned these shades before. And, to be quite honest, I love Rimmel's lipstick simply because it does the job right! Given that you exfoliate your lips and moisturise beforehand as part of prep, Rimmel's lipsticks aren't flakey. They're long lasting (in fact I still have remnants of the swatches still on my wrist despite washing it off multiple times). And, the pigments are perfectly rich, bold and if you just rub your lips with one layer on you're pretty much set for a few hours.

The two shades are so rich in texture and in depth, that the photo above are only two layers! I like the fact that there is a little bit of shine and shimmer to them, making it not so heavy and matte on the lips.

So here they are! (Yes, I've also fallen in love with the kaleidoscope effect). I really love the coverage of them both, I can't seem to stop raving about it. As you can probably tell I adore warm/deep shades of red so I can't wait to wear it whenever and wherever! But, my main question is, where could I wear the purple? What do you think? I wish I had the guts to wear it out, and I hope I find the guts to do so soon, I really like the shade! lol.


Saturday, 13 July 2013

The Haunting

Mum: So, how are your grades this semester?
Me: Mother what's important is that we have our health...

So, hello there strangers! I know, we're not really strangers but it feels as though I've ressurected from the dead and have come back to haunt you all. I haven't posted anything since MAY which is a ridiculously poor effort on my behalf and I apologise. As I said in my last post (which, if it were printed would have archived in some old run down library by now) I was swamped with university work. Since finishing the semester a couple of weeks ago I then took on more shifts at work in order to save up for my much needed escape for Melbourne on the 26th of this month! I'm so excited, particularly because Melbourne is well known for its delicious food, timeless style and the fact that to an extent it's different to Sydney, which is exactly what I need.

So here's hoping I'll never leave again. I'm feeling particularly motivated and inspired and can't wait to share my finds and frowns and everything in between with you! 

Friday, 17 May 2013

I'm still alive!!

Hey guys, so I know I haven't posted anything in what is in fact, forever. I didn't realise just how quickly time passes as I've been buried beneath university readings, presentations, essays and coffee cups. I honestly can't wait until this semester is over, I could really do with a month off! Just so I could sleep well, eat well and party - wooo.

How's everyone going? I've also got a few posts planned! I've just started a collaboration with one company (let's see if you can pick it out?) and will post a few complimentary goodies they've shared with me so I'm super super excited about.

Hope to talk to you all soon! (Just thought I'd write a quick post, let you all know I'm still alive lol)

The bags under my eyes are Chanel..

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