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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Once Upon An Internship.

One Wednesday morning, an unmotivated media student sat in her lecture theatre where she hid behind her sweater and laptop. Ignoring the words spoken by her lecturer, she continued to scroll through advertisements for internship spots until she found the perfect one.

I've just finished my first internship at an Australian jewellery company Diva where I worked really close with their online department. It was one of the most exciting experiences of my life so far, and it seemed so easy. I was lucky enough to have avoided the cliche coffee runs and was able to jump straight in with the managers and work on updating the website, sort through stock and attend teleconferenes. This may not seem that big of a deal, but for someone who believed I had no place in the career I wanted, it was all too exciting.

I definitely miss it now that I think of it. We've all made a bond in that office and the need to look and dress fashionably was probably one of my favourite parts. Hopefully this isn't the last of it, perhaps I'll see them again, after all this is just the beginning of my journey.


  1. That would have been an amazing job - you're so lucky to get it :)

    Hope that it leads to bigger and better things for you and your hard work pays off :)

    1. thank you so much Mica that's so nice of you! I really hope so! x

  2. That sounds so great! I'm glad you had a good experience! So far everywhere I've interned has been fab but I've heard some horror stories before haha.
    lots of love xxx

  3. Also I forgot to add, I love your header, did you design it yourself? xx

    1. Yeah I've heard a lot of horror stories too! But I was lucky, it was in a good location close to the beach so I loved the lunch times! And thanks Sam! I wish though! My little sister did it! x


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