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Friday, 11 January 2013

Hot and Dangerous

I can't believe how unbelievably hot it is in Sydney, let alone Australia right now. With temperatures escalating to an average of 41 degrees celsius I actually can't even comprehend how difficult mother nature is being with Australians. 

As part of my New Years Resolutions list for 2013 I promised myself that I'd try and get into shape. But the weather is definitely not working with me. Am I destined to be unfit? I think so. Boohoo! So, I guess for the meantime I'll have to resort to 'healthy eating' - what even is that?! 

The other day though, when weather was bearable I did go to my favourite sites for a revitalising jog! I actually really miss it, considering I've practically been locked up in any room with air-conditioning! The Coogee - Bondi beach run: I swear, any place with a scene and fresh air breezing through my skin is the ideal place for a run, or a jog or lets face it, for me, a brisk walk. 

Since I'm always surrounded by gigantic buildings practically caving me in, I always tend to forget just how amazing the world could be. Cliche and corny? Present! I could honestly, never pass the opportunity to take some touristy shots. Bear with me?

Pretty isn't it? If that isn't motivation for me, then I don't quite know what is. Apart from staring at the dreadful Victoria's Secret Models I think this would do just well. 

Hopefully this year it'll be different - wow, I'm filled with cliches someone help me! But seriously, I need to get motivated and be prepared for what's out there. I need to make something of myself, explore the world, grab a hold of opportunities and what not. 

Wow. This was an extremely corny post. I'm sorry!

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