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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Do you Tumbl?

follow me on TUMBLR and we can make a prayer circle to banish
all hipsters - unless that's your thing, 
then don't worry, we can still
be friends hehe.

or leave a comment below and we can follow each other! x


  1. I like your blog,dear.^^
    Maybe follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???
    Lovely greets Nessa
    My Blog

  2. Following your tumblr, girl! Love the amount of Louis' pictures I can find there! :P
    Love your blog, I'm also following you here!

  3. thanx for your comment, I follow you for sure, your turn now!!:)

  4. Oh, I love that Savage Garden song.. And lovely pictures :)

    /Stephanie / http://

  5. What a lovely blog! Love your style Niki! would love if you could pop over to my blog and follow if you enjoy :)

    katie xxx


Hello! Thanks so much for leaving a comment it actually means the world to me knowing someone is reading! With that being said I do read every comment and try my best to reply. If you'd like me to check out your blog feel free to leave a link, I would best appreciate it if you followed back too!

Much love, Niki :) x

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