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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The Worst Blogger in the History of the Universe

Hey guys, so you're probably wondering, Niki.. What's happening?
I apologise for not blogging as much as I initially intended when I began this blog; I'm starting to think maybe I chose the wrong time to start this considering I'm so busy with work and my trip overseas.
I truly intend on starting proper posts perhaps whilst I'm on my trip and so on which, I leave for on Friday! I'm so excited, my family and I haven't been on a vacation together in a while and we'll be going to the USA! Hawaii, Los Angeles, Vegas and New York. Could I be any more excited!?

I'm really trying to think about how I could start a youtube channel - how do people start one? Do they have to make an introduction video or do they just do whatever?
By the way, totally irrelevant to this paragraph but more so relevant to the first. What places do you recommend I check out whilst I'm in the States? Do you have any favourite locations? (I'll definitely be checking in at In-N-Out Burger that's for sure!)

Here's just a few photos I've found on my laptop that's kind of got me a tad bit more excited :) Hope you enjoy! And... bear with me!

How amazing was Beyonce at the Super Bowl Half Time Show - and don't tell me you didn't get excited when Destiny's Child came together and when she did her Crazy In Love strut!


  1. You must go to Venice Beach while in LA. It's so qwerky. Disneyland of course. And yes In-N-Out is a must,ugh so yyum. I visited Vegas when I was 12 so all I remember is the giant M&Ms store. It's awesome though. Oh in NY, go to the Macys store. It sounds weird to be excited about it but they have the wooden escalator from the early 1900s still there. I thought it was cool. And any Broadway show. Too bad RENT isn't there anymore.

  2. Beyonce rocked it! I love your blog, definitely following now! Stay in touch xx

    & enter the Msdressy giveaway on my blog for the chance to win an amazing gift!

  3. love this! would you like to follow each other? let me know!


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