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Thursday, 7 February 2013

That should be enough, for now....

So, as you may know I leave for the USA tomorrow! I actually can't wait considering it's the first time my family and I are going there! (Unbelievable right?!) Well, I managed to get all of my packing done so then tomorrow I can really focus on running errands.

It's really hard picking out what to bring and what to leave at home - especially when you're going to experience two completely different weather forecasts! Hawaii at the moment is experiencing fairly similar weather forecasts than Australia so I'm pretty much set with the whole, summer vibe. BUT, when we arrive in New York towards the end of the trip it's pretty much predicted to be around one digit figures! Which is crazy seeing as I've never experienced anything lower than 16 degrees celsius.

I've packed

  • a few dresses; they seem like a space saving choice; unfortunately my One Teaspoon dress photographed above takes a lot more space than anticipated WAH.
  • five tops; sleeved and long sleeved, cropped and well, normal length - seeing as I didn't do a run through with my bottoms I am seriously hoping they're pretty versatile.
  • two pairs of shorts that I've picked up from Sportsgirl and Forever New a while ago and seem to have become an instant favourite
  • along with two skirts; a black Forever New piece and an ASOS bargain!
  • a bejewelled lolly pink sweater I picked up from Forever New as per my staff discount
  • some leggings considering I can't stand wearing jeans
  • two heeled/wedged boots, sandals and sneakers
  • and some seasonal essentials like my beanie and favourite pashmina/scarf and Seafolly bikini.
All in all, it's not much. My luggage is half its potential weight and I honestly can't wait to shop for more overseas. Eeeep!


  1. i hate packing and for two different forecasts i think you've done a good job! have a good trip :) x

  2. ahh! I'm so excited for you! the US welcomes you with open arms! hahaha your clothes are amazing!

  3. pretty things ,nice blog
    follow back ,if you like ;)

  4. Nice collection. Great blog. I hope see my blog.

  5. Gorgeous stuff! Your style looks awesome :)x

  6. Love it! Great blog,so I'm a new follower =)

  7. Cute things, I hope you will have a great time!

    /Stephanie / http://

  8. when i hear the names of those shops... forever new! oneteaspoon! seafolly! ... I MISS SYDNEY !!! T ___ T hehe, sorry for my randomness :)

    have a nice trip and maybe see u around again in the blogging world ;D

  9. You're gonna have so much fun! Love you blog, just followed you :)

  10. I love this blog. I follow you back. Thanks for visit and comment.
    Kisses honey ;*


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