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Friday, 17 May 2013

I'm still alive!!

Hey guys, so I know I haven't posted anything in what is in fact, forever. I didn't realise just how quickly time passes as I've been buried beneath university readings, presentations, essays and coffee cups. I honestly can't wait until this semester is over, I could really do with a month off! Just so I could sleep well, eat well and party - wooo.

How's everyone going? I've also got a few posts planned! I've just started a collaboration with one company (let's see if you can pick it out?) and will post a few complimentary goodies they've shared with me so I'm super super excited about.

Hope to talk to you all soon! (Just thought I'd write a quick post, let you all know I'm still alive lol)

The bags under my eyes are Chanel..

Ice Cream Milkshake

Every store I seem to go lately are pretty much focused on all of the warmer tones. It makes me sad because winter here has been really pretty; sunny skies and cooler breezes. Yet everyone is dressed in blacks, navy and burgundy. So, I'm feeling really nostalgic. I've gone through my photos and found a pretty little folder with pretty pastel pieces. Tasty pinks, sky blues and every shade in between.

Ah, I miss summer. 

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