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Saturday, 13 July 2013

The Haunting

Mum: So, how are your grades this semester?
Me: Mother what's important is that we have our health...

So, hello there strangers! I know, we're not really strangers but it feels as though I've ressurected from the dead and have come back to haunt you all. I haven't posted anything since MAY which is a ridiculously poor effort on my behalf and I apologise. As I said in my last post (which, if it were printed would have archived in some old run down library by now) I was swamped with university work. Since finishing the semester a couple of weeks ago I then took on more shifts at work in order to save up for my much needed escape for Melbourne on the 26th of this month! I'm so excited, particularly because Melbourne is well known for its delicious food, timeless style and the fact that to an extent it's different to Sydney, which is exactly what I need.

So here's hoping I'll never leave again. I'm feeling particularly motivated and inspired and can't wait to share my finds and frowns and everything in between with you! 


  1. LOOOL Thats what I said to my mom too!
    I want thinking of france my self despite not doing so well on my human anatomy part of my course *Sigh thank god first year doesn't count.
    I'm starting work soon, can't wait to make money!
    See you soon I miss your post ^^

  2. hahahaa yeah thank god first year doesn't count! I would love to go to France soon! Are you going? Working is always a great escape, have fun with it! and thank you Shola! :)


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