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Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Not So Sinful City..

There's nothing more annoying than going to a country where the legal age limit is 21, and you're 20. Welcome, to my trip to Las Vegas! A two and a half day extravaganza filled with the excessive use of our credit cards and what not. I don't quite know why my family and I decided to go to Vegas; we weren't really the 'gambling' type of family and 2/3 of us who were remotely interested in experiencing the clubbing scene couldn't even walk through the casinos on our own! (My older sister is 27 whilst my youngest just turned 18!) - And as if my parents would want to go clubbing!?

From our stroll along the strip :) 
Anyway, we stayed at the Monte Carlo hotel which, like most of the leading hotels in the city are located along the Vegas strip. We however chose the wrong days to go to Vegas, it was early in the week so from Monday to Thursday, which meant that there were fewer people around. This was ok on some degree, considering I feel my parents would have been overwhelmed by all the whackos who would hand business cards advertising strip shows.

Since I'm allergic to peanuts, this is the closest I'm ever gonna get!

On the first day we decided to do what every visiter does in Vegas; go to a buffet. Since Monte Carlo is a part of the MGM Resorts brand, we were entitled to any buffet for free! It was pretty cool, and I did enjoy my five plates worth of food and desserts! After that we strolled around the city centre which was located right between the Monte Carlo and the Cosmopolitan - it was all high end brands but strangely deserted! (Once again, I blame this on the fact that we went when everyone was still at work.) We didn't buy anything, seeing as we were already pushing the limit with our luggage so we made our way to the MGM Grand Hotel where we would watch our Cirque du Soleil show which I booked for the family.
And so the fat life begins..

KA was a heartwarming performance based on the story of two siblings who were separated by a violent rebel gang. The siblings, who were royal were each accompanied by their noble trustees and went on an enchanting adventure. The stage for KA was one that made you appreciate technology; their incorporation of both martial arts and acrobats made it a gravity defying, mind blowing experience!

Our second day, involved nothing but utter relaxation. Something we didn't get much of in LA. So we just stayed in our hotel, parents had their way at gambling, I bought an amazing set of cupcakes, took a nice relaxing bath and all that jazz.

At the Bellagio Hotel watching the dancing lights! It was so beautiful!

The next day, which was our final day we spared nothing! At $300 per person, my family and I decided 'YOLO, lets go to the Grand Canyon'... but in a different way. Sick of all of the long drives, we chose the option which allowed you go to by aeroplane to the west rim of the Grand Canyon. From there, my family and I all went on a helicopter which then took us INSIDE the Grand Canyon! It was the most beautiful and awe inspiring site I've ever seen! And what a way to experience it. The package then included a boat ride along the Colorado river which is located inside the canyon.

Lol, my parents freaked out when I sat here.
If I could take anything from Vegas, I would say it was an eye opening experience. I can't wait to come back, when I'm legal!


  1. Aww, awesome pictures! I would really like to visit Vegas one day, seems to be pretty interesting there.

    Keep bloggin'
    Lots of love, Maho

    1. hahaa 'interesting' is definitely the word! You should go though! Hopefully you're 21 so you could enjoy it more than I did! haha x


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