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Friday, 22 March 2013

California, here we commeeeeee!

Hey guys, remember me! I know I haven't posted anything in what for me feels like a decade, but I've just been swamped with so much work since I've arrived back from the US. I have so much I need to write about and show you all, and it irks me because I feel like I need to do so in chronological order! NOOO! But, here it is, I have to do what feels right for me... The last post I made before I went on an unexpected hiatus was my trip in Hawaii! So, here it is, the rest of my trip!

Next stop: Los Angeles, California!

After what felt like forever on a plane my family and I were finally exposed to the change in weather. Hawaii was warm, summery and practically everything you'd expect it to be. I didn't have much expectations for LA, considering most of my friends have said it's quite similar to Sydney. It was chilly and it pretty much had an average of 18 degrees everyday, something which I'm only familiar with when I set the air conditioning.

My uncle and cousin picked up up from LAX and we spared no minute at all! After dropping off our belongings at their house for the mean time, we visited a local cafe of theirs which specialised in brunch. I DID NOT ANTICIPATE HOW LARGE THEIR SERVINGS WERE. Had I known that their waffles were the size of my face I wouldn't have ordered two! Anyway, after brunch we spared no time and ventured off for an hour's drive to Hollywood!

A double from In-n-Out! Ohhhh, mouth watering
Unfortunately, I did fall asleep at some point during the ride only to wake up just 10 minutes away from Hollywood; but omg the houses are amazing - gated, large with luxury cars? Can I please have your house, thank you!

So yeah, Hollywood needless to say is quite crazy - especially Hollywood Bvl which is just jam packed with street actors dressed up as celebrities along the Hollywood walk of fame. We arrived in LA a week before the Grammy's or, was it the Oscars? Either one and my sisters and I thought, perhaps if we stalked Rodeo Drive we could find someone?

lol me doing an absolutely horrid attempt at a Vanessa Hudgens impersonation
We then visited Disneyland in Anaheim, it turns out that we were only 15 minutes away from it. We stayed in Orange County which is surprisingly quite big and I won't lie, I was on the look out for a Seth Cohen! But anyway, Disneyland and California Adventure was amazing, it was as magical and as nostalgic as I would have thought and to put it simply I wished I could go back again!

tourist photo lol.

LA, was primarily just a giant family reunion so what we did the most I'd say was eat and shop. And I won't lie, I did get a little tired of shopping. But, I did manage to buy myself a Michael Kors handbag which I have been in love with throughout the whole trip! I also abused H&M whilst at Citadel which, I'll have you know is a giant shopping centre with THE fanciest toilets; it's one of those toilets where there's an attendant, and even a lounge area! It was ridiculous.

crappy photo but I am in love with my H&M leather leopard printed jacket & my Michael Kors handbag!
We went for a drive through Long Beach, Huntington Beach and Newport Beach; my mother instantly fell in love with the place it just felt so fresh in comparison to the suburbs. Venice Beach on the other hand was quite scary considering my little sister and I were approached by a completely suspicious woman offering us 'Candy', it was hilarious.

Towards the end of our trip my older sister and I decided to leave Los Angeles for a day and fly up to San Francisco and check out the hype. It was much colder than LA, especially because it's so close to the water. We definitely were on the look out for the best clam chowder but I don't think I found it :( We did however stop by the Twitter headquarters thanks to one of our connections and have lunch with one of the directors there! It was SO exciting, the environment there is so chilled you can really feel all the ideas flowing within the mere cafeteria! I wanna work there!

On our second last day in California my family and I went on a three hour road trip to Victorville where my other cousins live. Now, LA is on the edge of the westcoast of Cali, Victorville is literally so far out the east coast of Cali, it's only four hours away from Vegas. IT WAS DESERT. So that was pretty cool, I did however, get sick with asthma. Damn asthma! But, we were looking forward to our next leg of the trip, our road trip to Vegas! WOOOO!


  1. I now really want to go to In N' Out and go down to Disneyland! The last time that I was in Venice, a "street vender" sold my friend a key chain made from a bottle cap and a rock. It can sometimes be the sketchiest place ever, but it's quintessential California, so everyone tends to trek out there. But I did see Detective Morris from the show Charmed running along the beach. Do they have Charmed in Australia?

    I like how you said that you went to SF to check out the "hype". I used to live there. That's when you find out that it's mostly rainy, cold and a little dirty. The best part is Ghiradelli Square because it is just chocolate everything!

  2. I am soooo jealous! I'd love to go to LA!

    I love your blog as well, it's seriously one of the best ones I've come accross!


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